Agua Para Todos, Cochabamba, Bolivia


BPD support was requested by The Seed Initiative to assist a partnership project in Cochabamba. The Agua para Todos partnership brought together a locally-based private company (Agua Tuya/Plastiforte); the public water utility, which held the concessionary agreement (Servicio Municipal de Agua Potable y Alcantarillado or SEMAPA); the municipal authority; and the United Nations Development Programme office in Bolivia.  Two micro-financing institutions also worked with the partnership: the foundation Pro Habitat, which provides training in aspects of community-managed systems, and CIDRE, a regional credit agency for Cochabamba.


For further information, please see the following 4-page document, which examines both the success factors that enabled the positive growth of the partnership model, as well as potential hurdles for scaling-up:

The Agua Para Todos partnership: potential opportunities and potential hurdles for scaling-up and replication (Harold Lockwood, AguaConsult).