BPD staff

BPD currently has five members of staff - four based in London and one in France, as well as interns. Please see below for more information on any of the team. The organisation is overseen by an expert international Board of Directors.


Ken Caplan - Director

Tracey Keatman - Programme Director

Jacques-Edouard Tiberghien - Programme Officer (based in France)

Yvonne Sheehan - Programme  Support Officer

Kathy Taylor - Finance Officer 


Ken Caplan - Director

M.A. International Development, American University;
B.Sc. Foreign Service, International Relations and Comparative Regional Studies, Georgetown University


Ken Caplan has been Director of Building Partnerships for Development in Water and Sanitation since 2003 and was the Co-ordinator of the original initiative (Business Partners for Development) from 1999.  Ken has developed a range of research programmes on, for example, small town water and sanitation services (with WaterAid) and partnership accountability and assessment.  These have built on analysis he has conducted of diverse water and sanitation contexts, from water provision through public private partnerships in Buenos Aires and Jakarta, to public toilet provision in Ghana, to a political economy analysis of sanitation services in Brazil (for the World Bank / Water and Sanitation Program (WSP) in conjunction with Oxford Policy Management). 


Ken has worked directly with a range of organisations and partnership projects from, for example, local level partnerships between utilities and NGOs in Lilongwe and Blantyre (Malawi), to national level networks such as CONIWAS in Ghana, to more global partnerships and networks including the Water Integrity Network, Water and Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP), and Freshwater Action Network.  Ken is also a Senior Associate of the University of Cambridge Programme for Sustainability Leadership (CPSL), serving as tutor on tailored courses for senior officials from the World Bank and other organisations.  Ken previously worked for 8 years in Southeast Asia, including rural Thailand, Bangkok and Vietnam. 


Tracey Keatman - Programme Director

M.Sc. Development Management, The Open University
B.A. (Hons.) Hispanic Studies, University of Birmingham


Tracey Keatman has worked with BPD since 1999 and is currently Programme Director, acting as programmatic lead for research, training and project activities.  She is also responsible for BPD's research and training on network and coalition governance, performance monitoring, and institutional development for WASH organisations - working with global organisations and initiatives such as WAWI, WaterAid, the Water Supply and Collaborative Council, Freshwater Action Network, and the Water & Sanitation Program. Her recent research from five countries in Latin America focuses on developing practitioner and policymaker guidelines that seek to marry environmental and public health incentives for multi-stakeholder partnerships. Tracey has previously worked in the communications industry and in the public and non-profit sectors and is fluent in Spanish, with proficient French.


Jacques-Edouard Tiberghien - Programme Officer

Ph.D. in Water and Sanitation Management: ‘A Holistic Approach to the Assessment of Sanitation Development in Mexican Villages’, Cranfield University
M.Sc. in Environmental Water Management, Cranfield University
Diplôme d’Ingénieur en Agriculture, ISAB (Institut Supérieur Agricole de Beauvais, France)


Before joining BPD in 2010, Jacques-Edouard Tiberghien completed the above PhD and worked as lecturer-researcher in the Water Centre of TEC de Monterrey (Mexico), where he taught ‘Water for Development’ and set up a WASH in schools project in partnership with local NGOs.  He previously managed a water and sanitation project in Niger with Action Against Hunger and has experience as a small business manager. Jacques-Edouard is a qualified engineer and is fluent in French and Spanish.


Yvonne Sheehan - Programme Support Officer

M.Sc. Practising Sustainable Development, Royal Holloway University of London
B.A. (Joint Hons.) Economics and Portuguese, University of Leeds


Yvonne Sheehan joined BPD part-time in 2008 whilst completing the above Masters, which included researching hygiene behaviours among people living with HIV/ AIDS in Tanzania. She has worked full-time for BPD since October 2010. Yvonne has previously worked in fundraising and communications for NGOs in the UK and Mozambique, as well as working in the private sector, and is fluent in Portuguese.


Kathy Taylor - Finance Officer

FCCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants)


Kathy Taylor has worked part-time for BPD since 2006.  Prior to joining BPD, Kathy spent most of her career working in professional accountancy practice for many types of organisation, from small sole traders to medium-sized companies to the more specialised sectors of solicitors and charities. This has included accounts preparation and audit, ensuring organisations comply with statutory regulations in their accounting and reporting.