Areas of expertise

BPD has a broad mandate to work with partnerships that provide water and sanitation to unserved and poorly served communities. One of our key goals is to explore what makes these partnerships work and in which circumstances they are effective. This learning is then fed into our partnership support work and disseminated through our training courses and document library.


Since being established in 1998, BPD has undertaken a range of action research programmes with partnerships that work in different contexts. The research covers two broad areas:


  • How multi-sector partnerships in general work (how they are formed, governed and evaluated)
  • How water and sanitation partnerships can best serve communities


BPD Training | Publications

Partnership learning themes

Within these areas, BPD’s learning spans eight key themes:


  1. Why partnership approaches?
  2. Forming, maintaining & evaluating partnerships
  3. Innovative utilities
  4. The role of NGOs & communities
  5. Working with the private sector
  6. Sanitation partnerships
  7. Partnerships and regulation
  8. Influencing policy through partnerships