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Sanitation entrepreneur
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Creating Space for Innovation - understanding partnership enablers
- BPD Classic Hit Series paper V

The fifth paper has now been published in our Classic Hits Series, where we revisit key partnership publications throughout 2013. Here we discuss the enabling environment for partnerships and strategies for overcoming disabling factors.

WASH in Schools Research with Sciences-Po, Paris

BPD has initiated a research programme on WASH in Schools with students from Sciences-Po in Paris. Read our first blog and second blog in a series focused on this research.


Partnership accountability - unpacking the concept
- BPD Classic Hit Series paper IV

The fourth paper has now been published in our Classic Hits Series  to celebrate the UN International Year of Water Cooperation. This paper attempts to unpack the term accountability specifically with regards to partnership; it explores how compliance, transparency and responsiveness are reflected in partnership practice.


WASH in Schools and ICT in WASH workshops at
WEDC Conference, 4th and 5th July 2013, Nakuru, Kenya

BPD co-led a capacity development workshop on WASH in Schools (WinS) - 'Creating Advocacy Strategies and Accountable Partnerships'. The workshop introduced tools to strengthen advocacy and make WinS partnerships more effective.

The Session presentations are now available.

Co-convenors:  SPLASH/WASHplus | WaterCan 
WASH Advocates 

Also at the conference, BPD and SeeSaw hosted a workshop on 'Exploring ICT in WASH' - assessing what ICT can do, how we can use it and what to avoid.

Presentations and other resources | about SeeSaw


Plotting partnerships - reviewing objectives and spirit  
- BPD Classic Hit Series paper III

This short document frames partnerships along two spectrums of innovation and accountability, rules and task orientations. The framework discussed aims to help practitioners step back and see their work in a wider context in order to clarify the ethos and hence direction of their partnership project.


BPD Partnership Strategic Learning Review: USAID-Rotary International H2O Collaboration

In 2012, BPD was involved in a strategic review of the Global Development Alliance between Rotary International and USAID. The review focused on pilot projects in three countries - the Dominican Republic, Ghana and the Philippines – as well as the relationship between the two organisations at the macro level (governance / operational structure and the strategic impact).

BPD teamed up with AguaConsult, who conducted country-level sustainability reviews using a Sustainability Index Tool tailored for the project. 

Full sustainability index | all sustainability reviews 
about AguaConsult

BPD support for USAID WA-WASH Program in West Africa

Over the past two years, BPD has been providing support to the USAID-funded WA-WASH (West Africa Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene) Program working in Burkina Faso, Ghana and Niger. BPD's role has been to analyse the possibilities for, and to support the development of, ongoing WASH partnerships with the private sector. 

More: Developing Partnerships in Practice | USAID | WA-WASH