BPD @ Stockholm 2006

BPD at Stockholm 06

BPD ran back-to-back seminars focussing on 'Sanitation Partnerships'...

BPD and IWA talk about the realities of on-site sanitation partnership

BPD held an half-day seminar to present and discuss its work on sanitation partnerships at Stockholm World Water Week 2006.

Chaired by Darren Saywell of the International Water Association (IWA) and enlivened by on-the-ground experience from South Africa and Madagascar, the session looked at on-site sanitation through the lens of partnership.  The mixed group of participants were encouraged to participate as BPD discussed some of the specific challenges that sanitation poses to partnership approaches.

Discussions focused on how partnerships can play one of three roles: improving the existing ‘sanitation transactions’ that take place, harnessing these towards public health goals, and overcoming the institutional fragmentation that bedevils sanitation delivery.

Contact David Schaub-Jones for more details.

WSSCC and WSP convene a session on 'Partnerships in Action'

BPD and the Water Supply and Sanitation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) co-ordinated a full day seminar at Stockholm World Water Week 2006 focusing on partnerships for sanitation and hygiene.  BPD’s session was preceded by a half-day session convened by the WSSCC and the Water and Sanitation Program (WSP).

WSSCC believe that in order to work more effectively towards sustainable sanitation and hygiene solutions, the sector needs to extend alliances and gain momentum through partnerships with a variety of stakeholders and actors. The aim of the WSSCC/WSP seminar was to present and have an interactive discussion on different types of partnerships that have managed to enhance progress and identify the success factors for replication.

The two sessions thus complemented each other, with the morning WSSCC session focussing primarily on platforms for advocacy and national-level partnerships for action on the ground, with the BPD afternoon session then zeroing in on field-level interventions and collaborative actions.